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Initial Visit

For ADHD Treatment
$ 159
Per Visit
  • Free ADHD assessment
  • 30min detailed ADHD diagnosis
  • Developing a thorough treatment plan
  • Prescription Management (If Required)

Follow-Up Visit

For ADHD Treatment
$ 119
Per Visit
  • 15min detailed follow-up checkup
  • Symptoms checkup
  • Following-up on treatment plan
  • Prescription refill (If Required)

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What makes our ADHD/ADD in treatment so special?


We provide whole-person care to our patients to ensure improved well-being, care coordination, and patient health outcomes.​


With our licensed medical providers, you can have a thorough and detailed adult ADHD diagnosis and have a treatment plan as per your ADHD symptoms.​


An ADHD treatment at SDKare is much affordable. In just $159, you can have your initial visit with a licensed medical provider.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online ADHD Treatment

You can have an initial online assessment which will help you learn more. It will help you connect with a licensed medical provider for an official diagnosis.

Online ADHD assessments are considered to be a great option for initial assessments if someone wants to learn more about ADHD. These assessments or tests should be followed by an official diagnosis conducted by a licensed medical provider for more accurate results.

An online assessment is the most easiest way, but if you are not sure then you can directly consult an appointment with a medical professsional.

You can book an ADHD appointment in just 60 seconds after you’re done with your ADHD online assessment.

The medical services especially for ADHD are highly affordable. You can book an appointment with a licensed medical provider in just $159 per visit. Apart from that, the ADHD assessment for adults online is totally free.

No, you cannot. You have to consult with a medical provider.

With our smart EMR system, you can instantly book an appointment with a licensed ADHD doctor that is near you. It would take you just 3 simple steps in order to find the suitable ADHD doctor.


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We promise inclusivity, affordability, and sustainability for ADHD women at our online practice. Apply for an appointment and obtaining detailed diagnosis by a female licensed provider.

We do not sell any drugs or medications. We provide medical consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. All the treatment plans are suggested as your healthcare provider sees fit.​

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