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At SDKare, we aim to provide compassionate and timely care to all patients. To reduce the number of late cancellations and missed (or “no-show”) appointments, SDKare has a no-show/late cancellation policy, defining set of guidelines and procedures to address instances when patients miss their scheduled appointments without giving prior notice or canceling in advance.


The primary goal of this policy is to manage appointment scheduling efficiently and ensure that healthcare providers can optimize their time and resources effectively.


We understand there are times when you must miss a medical appointment due to emergencies. However, we document and review patients who 1) miss, 2) arrive late, or 3) cancel appointments within 24 hours, two times in a row. In the event of three consecutive, documented “no-shows” or “late-cancellations”, SDKare providers may decide to no longer see or treat a patient.


Missing any scheduled appointment shall be considered as “no show” if the patient does not notify the clinic 24 hours prior to the scheduled date and time. First time no-shows will be rescheduled without any fee; however any subsequent instances of no-show will require a $25 no-show fee before the appointment can be rescheduled.


If the appointment is cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled date and time, no late-cancellation fee or no-show shall be charged; however any appointment cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the appointment date and time shall be considered as “no show” and will be subject to the no show fee described above.


Joining the appointment late 15 minutes later than the scheduled date and time is considered as “late arrival”. If a patient shows up more than 15 minutes after their appointment time, we may needs to reschedule it to another day.

To help us provide better care to all our patients, we ask you to notify the clinic at least 24 hours before the appointment date and time in case of change or cancellation.