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What is ADHD in adults? For adults, it is essential to maintain a balance in life which can become tricky sometimes. However, if you find yourself getting late constantly, disorganized and forgetful, and sometimes overwhelmed by your responsibilities, then you may have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or in other words known as ADHD or previously known as ADD. ADHD in adults can consist of a variety of overwhelming or frustrating symptoms that can affect their professional or personal lives.

Scientists are exactly not sure of the causes of ADHD in adults. They think it is caused either by a combination of genes, environment, or slight differences in how the brain is hardwired. Some people believe that if you were diagnosed with ADHD as a child then some of the symptoms would be carried to your adulthood but that is not the case. If you haven’t been diagnosed then it doesn’t mean ADHD cannot affect you as an adult.

Symptoms and signs of ADHD in adults:

Whether we are talking about ADHD symptoms in adults or children, we need to understand that both are different in each cases. ADHD in adults looks quite different, and the symptoms are unique on an individual basis. As a responsible adult, it is your task to identify the areas that experience difficulty. You can also apply for free assessment at SDKare which helps you spot the areas and help you identify if you have ADHD or not.

Understanding some adult ADHD symptoms:

Some of the common ADHD symptoms in adults are as follows:

  1. Trouble staying focused
  2. Hyperfocus
  3. Forgetfulness &
  4. Disorganization
  5. Impulsive Behaviour
  6. Emotional Problems

1. Trouble staying focused

Adults with ADHD can face trouble when focusing on mundane tasks but are able to focus on tasks they find stimulating. They can be distracted by any irrelevant sound or sight or get bored easily. This also includes zoning out frequently or daydreaming during conversations without even realizing it.

2. Hyperfocus Mindset

Another one of ADHD symptoms in adults is hyperfocus which is the other side of the coin of having trouble focusing on one thing. As we read before that people who tend to face trouble staying focused, hyperfocus is the exact opposite. Such people tend to become absorbed in tasks which they find stimulating. It can also lead to problems in relationships and work if unchecked.

3. Forgetfulness & Disorganization

When you’re an adult experiencing ADHD, life could seem to be extremely chaotic and out of control. Staying on top of things could become extremely challenging. One of the most common and out of many signs of ADHD in adults, forgetfulness and disorganization is the one that leads to most of the problems in their lives. Sorting out tasks and keeping a track of responsibilities could help them with this significant problem.

4. Impulsive Behaviour

If you’re an adult with ADHD then you may act before thinking which could lead to certain consequences. Staying patient is extremely difficulty in this condition. For better or worse, you may find yourself in situations which could be risky for you.

5. Emotional Problems

ADHD in adults makes it hard for them to manage their emotions. Especially when it comes to feelings like anger, or frustration which becomes hard to manage makes life much difficult.

Understanding the symptoms of ADHD is one thing but understanding the types of ADHD in adults could make it easier for both the inidividual and the doctor to understand the symptoms of an individual as these symptoms tend to vary from person to person.

Following are the three types of ADHD in adults:

1. Predominantly impulsive/hyperactive.
2. Predominantly inattentive.
3. Combination ADHD

ADHD Treatment for Adults:

Understanding the types and the symptoms can make it easier for the doctors to come up with treatment for ADHD in adults.

Following are the three types of treatment for ADHD in adults:

  1. Medication Management.
  2. Therapy.
  3. Lifestyle Changes/Herbal Medicine

Medications and Threapy are the most common types of treatment for ADHD in adults. Before trying new medications or therapy, it is highly important for an adult individual who is experiencing symptoms of ADHD should have a detailed diagnosis by a licensed medical provider as one should not take these signs lightly.

Discussing these signs or symptoms with a medical ADHD professional will make things much clear and also allow the person to have a detailed treatment plan as per his own unique individual needs.

Understanding ADHD in Adults


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